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How to keep the car air fresh in winter
For winter driving many car owners prefer the windows tightly closed, so that air does not circulate in the car, over time causing the car air quality poor and the feeling of depression and boredom, thereby reducing the owner driving pleasure, driving left a lot to security risks, how to keep the air fresh and comfortable. Below are small details for you on how to keep the car air fresh method. view more»
Safety is the most important, car brakes maintenance tips
Brake system for the driver's life safety is critical, once the brake system failure when owner drives the car, tend to lead to a major accident. So we should pay special attention to the maintenance of automotive brake systems. Under normal circumstances, the front brake pads wear relatively quickly, the life span of the rear brake pads is relatively long. In the daily maintenance checks should focus on the following areas: view more»
The most deadly traffic behavior, attention!
1, Find car gear: Some new driver in the shift gear, fear can’t find their car gear, will subconsciously lower their head to find. This action is extremely dangerous. view more»
How to keep the car always new
As the saying car need 70% maintenance 30% repair, maintenance of the surface paint is also for the same reason, in fact, regardless of the finish waxing, sealing glaze, or automobile coatings, paint them just to add a layer of protection, these what is also necessary, but the important thing is the follow-up of the car wash, since 90% of paint scratches car wash are all produced below teach you how to keep a good car paint. view more»
Car care knowledge - the importance of oil
Car maintenance the most critical part is the choice of oil, engine oil is known as the blood; it is only by virtue of its lubrication to ensure the normal operation of the engine, so choosing the right engine oil life has played a direct role. Precisely because of this, has a lot of car owners eager, whether appropriate or not always give their car the most advanced full synthetic motor oil, in fact, simply select the applicable fine oil, over high-grade oil is not only a waste of money, the effect is only played less effective. view more»
How to maintenance engine to reduce the fuel
Air filter is directly related to the automotive engine air intake problems in the process of moving, usually no more than a vehicle traveling in the city, clogged air filter case, but if the car driving on a dusty road, you need to particularly concerned about the cleanliness of the air filter. view more»
Daily use car need attention to the small details
Sitting in the car, the car owner tends to be relaxed, smoke, listen to music, drink, chitchatting with friends, but the small details often overlooked, or enjoy relaxing at the car the same time the owner may also “destroyed vehicles". If you do not believe, let’s take a look. view more»
Listen the voice to recognition various car fault
Estimated that the majority of car owners have encountered problems with abnormal sound when the car driving, on line see the different parts of the abnormal sound fault analysis, now share with you. view more»
Misunderstanding about car oil
First, only add but not replace lube oil There are many car owners only pay attention to check the lube oil quantity, according to the standard, but without paying attention to check the oil quality, ignore replacing the deteriorated engine oil, resulting in some of the engine's moving parts are always in poor lubrication operating environment, thereby increase the wear of lubricated parts. Engine oil must be strictly in accordance with the manufacturers required mileage and timely replacement, in general, the car is driving 3500-5000km, and it should be replaced. view more»
Long-time don’t use vehicle need note 5 maintenance tips
Long-suspended cars subject to the technical condition of the various assemblies and institutions gradually deteriorate, because of atmospheric corrosion, even resulting in loss of their technical performance. To mitigate this adverse effect, the car owner should be often do necessary maintenance work to make the long-suspended cars in a good performance status. view more»

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