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2014 Valentine's Day announcement
To care for the emotional life of single employee, after the approval of the General Manager,autointhebox Site Operations Department on February 14 Valentine announced as follows: for still in the single employees who want to go to confessionof love, given 3 hours vacation benefits on February 14 afternoon. General Manager reimburse a bunch of roses, a box of chocolates, two movie tickets. view more»
2014 China vacation notice
Tips: January 28 to February 4, 2014 is China holiday. During this time, you can place orders but we can't shipment because the logistics company is on holiday so we will shipment on February 5, 2014. Hope for your understanding. view more»
Buy used car basic skills
Since season has become warm and also the weather has finally become warmer, the very first factor that might be in your thoughts is finding some affordable and reliable transportation. view more»
Car maintenance fundamental essentials
The car maintenance fundamental essentials 6 tips which I learned acquired of my experience. I really hope to assist guide another person and provide them a rather simpler learning process than I'd when dealing with this huge endeavor. view more»
Winter requires take care of your car better
It is best to safeguard your vehicle in the elements. Salt and sand utilized on roads can take shape on parts of the vehicle and damage the surface. Late every fall, you have to hands clean your vehicle and make certain that it's very clean. Apply a couple of jackets of synthetic wax based on the directions supplied by the maker. view more»
2014 Autel MaxiDAS DS708 Automotive Diagnostic System New Year Discount
New Year Discount: The original price $ 1,019.99, now price $ 978.00 free postage, saving $ 41.99. 2014 Autel MaxiDAS DS708 Automotive Diagnostic System supports multi language and online update. Support 12V petrols diesel vehicle. Better quality, cheaper price, hurry to try it! view more»
The key of vehicle maintenance
Generally, there are three different routine maintenance contents, and the mileage or time since the last maintenance related. view more»
How to maintenance car in the winter
The question to answer from two aspects: First, the vehicle engine and chassis maintenance, etc. 1, into the winter, we should first check whether the failure of the tank antifreeze, the general 4S stores have the appropriate tools, mainly to check the freezing point of antifreeze. Areas where the vehicle, replace the different types of antifreeze. If you are in the alpine regions, corresponding to the requirements for antifreeze higher; 2, Also check the oil, replace the alpine region recommended synthetic oil in the winter; 3, Check the air conditioning system, check the glass cleaning fluid; 4, Check the tire pressure, in general, if the snow driving more appropriate to reduce the recommended tire pressure; 5, Check the battery, the temperature is reduced, the battery power will decline in the morning may not start the vehicle, more than three years of battery recommended replacement; 6, If you encounter area deicing salt when it snows, it is recommended immediately after washing the vehicle sunny day, especially the chassis. view more»
Diagnostic tool will solve your car problem more effective and cheap
Many people prefer to avoid vehicle repair no matter what. In the end, repairing your vehicle is costly and time intensive. Although some repairs may have the ability to be placed off for any couple of several weeks, you will find some you must do immediately, or perhaps your will place your family's safety in danger. Listed here are the very best signs you have to bring your vehicle towards the shop as rapidly as you possibly can. view more»
New year activities description
Dear customers, Have a nice day! In order to celebrate New year with you, from Dec 27th to Jan 7th, when you order more than 500 USD at our site, you can have a 5% discount, this discount storewide universal. Come and get a special New year gift! Coupon Code: Autointhebox view more»

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