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Autel MaxiDas DS708 Update Notice (December 2015)
It's the update of Autel MaxiDas DS708 in December 2015, including optimization of certain functionalities and improvement on different language versions. view more»
Autointhebox - Special Offer on Launch X431 V+
It is the best time to get a new diagnostic tool now. Launch X431 V+ is a full system diagnostic tablet, featuring wide coverage on multiple car makes and models. You can save $150 on it now. view more»
Holiday Notice of Spring Festival
Happy New year! Our Spring Festival Holidays begins from 15th Feb-25th Feb, back to work on 26th Feb. view more»
How to Pump Car Brakes

The brake system on your car is comprised of wheel cylinders, a master cylinder and hydraulic lines. Pressing the brake pedal will push hydraulic fluid to each wheel, apply the brake shoes or pads to the wheel, and stop the car. Recent work to the brake system or a leak in the hydraulic lines will cause you to have to pump your brakes to keep your brakes from operating.

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2014 TOP10 Gold Customers List and Gift
Happy New Year! Goodbye 2014, we stepped into the 2015 beautiful life. Reviewing the past last year, we really thanks for all customers support our business that we would continue our business, sell the good quality products and provide the best service to all. Here the long- awaiting Top 10 customers list is coming out, rich gifts give back! view more»
How to Repair a DVD Touchscreen in a Car

A DVD touch screen is usually made from an LCD or LED display. The touch screen has a slightly tougher screen than standard touch screens, but the screen can still become scratched. A screen protector may prevent such damage. When damage occurs, however, two effective methods of repair may enable you to restore the screen.

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How to Make the Brake Pedal More Sensitive

The brake system of all modern cars is a hydraulic system. It uses a pump, called a master cylinder, to create pressure. That pressure pushes smaller cylinders, which press the pads against a spinning metal disc or drum to stop the vehicle. When this system gets air in it, the pedal will feel soft or it doesn't engage the brakes quickly.

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How to Tell If You Have a GPS Magnet on Your Car

GPS (Global Positioning System) devices can be real time (meaning, the GPS device, through satellite signals, provides instant location information) or passive (meaning information is recorded onto the GPS device, which you later download and read). Both kinds of GPS devices can be attached by a magnet to a vehicle

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Change Your Tire

Changing a car tire might seem like the simplest task, but if you are not equipped with the right amount of knowledge, then there is a high possibility that a lot of things can go wrong. If at the worst times, something as simple as changing a car tire could go wrong, then there is a high possibility that even such a simple task could actually create a lot of problem for you.

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What Automotive Scan Tool Should I Get?

Deciding on the right scan tool for your automotive repair needs depends largely upon what the scan tool will be used for. Will you be performing diagnostic repair services at work? Perhaps the scan tool will be used at home to self diagnose your own vehicle's engine troubles. The range of available scan tools can be overwhelming, even for auto repair professionals.

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