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Thanking Giving Day Black Friday - AUTEL LAUNCH Brand New Cut-Price Promotion Sales!
Thanking Giving Day & Black Friday - AUTEL & LAUNCH Brand New Cut-Price Promotion Sales! view more»
Chinese National Day holiday notice
Chinese National Day holiday notice Tips: October 1 to October 5, 2014, is Chinese National Day holiday. U.S. Time: October 2 to October 6. During this time, you can place orders and we can normal shipment but our online customer service is on holiday so if you have problem please contact us by email. Hope for your understanding. view more»
Fall season has eight methods to prevent electrostatic to safe driving
Method 1: Drink plenty of water. It is better to prevent the owners from their own internal way of static electricity, the more water can increase the skin's surface humidity, and static electricity in a wet state is not going to happen on their own. view more»
A new car needs adjustments seat and mirror to avoid driving dangerous
How to adjust the seat and mirrors? Such a simple question but it is one of the most dangerous source to avoid driving. According to a survey, without proper driving posture and poor vision mirror will directly lead to accidents; do not think this is something that others do not believe now check your own driving position is correct. view more»
2014 China Mid-Autumn Festival vacation notice
2014 China Mid-Autumn Festival vacation notice Tips: September 7 to September 8, 2014 is China Mid-Autumn Festival holiday. During this time, you can place orders but we can't shipment because the logistics company is on holiday so we will shipment on September 9, 2014. Hope for your understanding. view more»
Six points of attention during the summer and the replacement chassis systems of conservation
Core Tip Summer and autumn, the seasons change, car maintenance also will naturally become the focus, and then in the autumn maintenance, the owner should pay particular attention to what? To this end, the reporter interviewed car maintenance division, hoping to make professional advice during the fall when the majority of owners of vehicles of conservation can be targeted more efficiently. view more»
measure your output right with obdii scan for your aid
In order to make the frame and body vibration rapid decay, improve vehicle ride comfort and comfort, the vehicle suspension systems are generally equipped with shock absorbers, is currently widely used in the car is double-acting telescopic shock absorber. view more»
How to deal with common fall winter car problem
Experts recommend the following winter gives the cars: Note one: After the cold winters the number of vehicles to be reduced scrub. Body waxing is a must, after waxing the body is not easy to wet, icy winter difficult phenomenon. Rinse with cold water in winter cannot be directly vehicles, higher front car after the engine warming temperatures, rapid cooling with cold water, to paint the negative, but not directly wash engines. view more»
Teach you five kinds coup of save car fuel
For increasingly soaring oil prices, some of the economic strength is not strong young owners, helpless sigh, "cannot afford" In fact, if a little attention in the daily driving habits, maintenance, can often save a lot of fuel consumption, reporter summed up five strokes coup nowadays more popular fuel for your reference. view more»
Summer and fall season alternately how to do car maintenance
Concerned about tire wear condition Fall season, automobile maintenance first thing to note tires. Especially before eleven travel, more should pay attention to the "health" of the tire. Because the hot summer weather, tires due to the high temperature friction and wear will be relatively large, it will crack. Driving, crack increases. Therefore, owners should pay particular attention to the situation to see whether the check tire wear appear serious to ensure road safety. view more»

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