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Seven requiring the owner of the vehicle maintenance must be done
1. The normal use of the car, don't the degree of speeding, overloading, avoid rapid acceleration, constant speed driving as much as possible. view more»
Lighting Blessing, Free to participate Win $1000, Free gift every one
To memory our loss of friends, lovers, families…Autointhebox are launching a “Lighting Blessing for lost in 2014 Air Crash” activities in which we will send customers 1000 pieces complimentary cards lamp with Autointhebox logo, to light nightlights for the unfortunates, wish their souls to heaven... view more»
Limited Time Cut-Price Deals during 18-23 August
In 18-23 August, we will start a thanksgiving cut-price deals activity which provides customers the cheapest price of a combination of Launch and Autel products in four hours each day. view more»
Good habits to help you get out of your car maintenance mistakes
Consumers tend to be diligent in front of the car to do all kinds of homework, Internet search, to relatives and friend’s advice, shop around, but tend to drive home, in addition to diligent cleaning are indifferent, and even the formation of many caught Misunderstandings of the car. For manufacturers launched warranty policy, they often form a wrong understanding. Reporters interviewed experts learned that the owner of a number of routine vehicle maintenance, conservation existence of errors, conservation should be a reasonable specification car. view more»
After the rain the car to do maintenance should be necessary steps
Summer, rain continue to give the city a warm country are falling, people are comfortable, cute car went through the wind and rain affected by the crime. The rain stopped, is to give the car when doing maintenance, or else the car moldy, no bright lights and other symptoms may come to you in trouble. view more»
Four methods to judge the car wear
Dry autumn weather, not feeling at you, but your car is in a bad temper. Dry weather and dusty days will make the car in the car outside the affected. So, in this season should be thoughtful and maintenance of the car, is indeed a serious homework, but care should be familiar with the own vehicle wear, this reporter special consult maintenance technician by watching than touch wipe teach you four strokes to the car to "disease". view more»
Eight signs of car failure
1, the working conditions mutation Mutations in the so-called working conditions, working conditions means the car suddenly appeared abnormal phenomenon, which are more common failure symptoms. For example: difficulty in starting the engine suddenly stalled again, cannot even start; engine in motion a sudden drop in power, with weakness; moving suddenly deviation, even as the failure. Symptoms of this failure is obvious, it is easy to detect. view more»
Automotive air conditioning four faults solution
Cooling effect is reduced, the outlet air flow is reduced, unpleasant odor or dust flying, air conditioning led underpowered and so on, living area newspaper recently received a lot of car owners Tel: With the increase in the frequency of use of air conditioning, in the face because the various problems caused by air-conditioning, you have used the correct automotive air conditioning it? Now, let's look at these four symptoms and solutions. view more»
Summer driving attention to three issues
Auto ignition: Reducing modified periodically check Prevent the car ignition; the most basic method is to periodically do maintenance to the car, check the engine, and an oil circuit, to see whether the aging and oil spills. Do not store in a non-standard vehicle repair or modification, because of some wrong operation of Luanda wires, easy to friction is not effective at a fixed, will be dangerous. view more»
Automotive steering system fault processing method
In the car, the steering system of fault happens often, according to many years of experience in repair, several common troubleshooting methods summarized below, for your reference. view more»

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