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Ten factors affecting automobile tire life
1. Matching and installation of tires Tires installed correctly or not directly related to the life of the tire, especially when the replacement tires. Different tire types and patterns, due to different actual size and load capacity of the tires, must not in any mix. Also, if you yourself cannot fully grasp the skills of replacement tires, we recommend that you go to a professional tire shop or vehicle replacement at an authorized service provider. view more»
Vehicle spill prevention measures
1. Emphasis on cushioning effect. Automotive standing parts (such as the end face of each engagement, each cover, shell, cover pads, flat enamel cover, etc.) between the components plays a leak proof liner seal. If the materials, production quality and installation do not meet the technical specifications, would not achieve the role of leak-proof seal, even accidents. If the oil pan or valve cover, due to the large contact area and difficult to compaction, the resulting oil spill. view more»
Summer time wet season day you need vehicle maintenance tips
Go out driving, especially holiday travel pays special attention to the car broke down. Once such phenomenon occurs not only affects the travel mode, leaving owners who feel embarrassed, there is a sense of a dilemma. As the saying goes, “Who does not like that they have” their own emergency repair to master certain skills can definitely make your peace of mind travel, happy holidays! view more»
5 kinds of different weather driving tips should be noted
1, rain day driving To carefully check the front of the bus brakes, wipers, lights, horn, steering and other parts, only confirmed the good turnout. When driving, slow down the speed to discretion, to be appropriate after the car pulled away from the large, generally do not overtake. To take early measures to encounter the situation, not an emergency steering and emergency braking to prevent cross- slip vehicle rollover. Road vehicle through the water should be proved by the former regime. The depth cannot exceed the exhaust pipe. When the vehicle speed should slow, cannot stop midway. view more»
Three tips of car battery daily maintenance
Battery plays a great role in the process of using the car, if it is not normal power supply, the engine and the car will follow the circuit system problems. So it is good owners usually with care in order to avoid the engine cannot be started or dealers suddenly stalled halfway dilemma. In fact, as long as the owner at the time of each inspection of the engine, by the way take a minute to care about the battery on it. view more»
Five errors of daily maintenance a car
Car owners take good care of the car is always a plus, but many riders it is used in the wrong way maintenance, the result of natural counterproductive. Control what, quickly corrected it. view more»
How to judge the car's fault from odors
A modern car constituted by at least 7000 parts , these parts of metal, plastic , as well as rubber, wherein each of the respective parts have a different flavor. Of course, most of the parts under normal conditions of work smell is very small, but if there is not a part of normal wear and tear parts or consumption occurs, it will issue some pungent taste, such as coke burnt taste, smell, also plastic taste and so on, today we teach you to judge the car's fault these odors. view more»
How to remove air conditioning odor
There comes a period in each and every car's existence it needs to go through the dirty word of vehicle check-ups, the diagnostic. A diagnostics test could be pricey to do, however, many occasions it is the only sure way to determine which is really wrong using the vehicle. To perform a diagnostics test, the vehicle is generally connected to some giant machine also it understands through a number of tests what's wrong, or right, using the vehicle. view more»
Save money and be assured repair six methods
"Is easy to buy a car but difficult to maintenance a car." It makes a lot of private car owners feel helpless, many owners reflect, in addition to high oil prices; in fact, make them the most trouble is the high maintenance costs: Most owners’ love your car, usually to good service, quality assured 4S shop car repair station maintenance, but will be for every pocket spending too much money and distressed. So, how can both ease of maintenance make the owners, but also save money? view more»
Eight signs of car fault
1, the working conditions mutation Mutations in the so-called working conditions, working conditions means the car suddenly appeared abnormal phenomenon, which are more common failure symptoms. For example: difficulty in starting the engine suddenly stalled again, cannot even start; engine in motion a sudden drop in power, with weakness; moving suddenly underpowered or deviation, even as the failure. Symptoms of this failure is obvious, it is easy to detect. view more»

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