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Four Mistakes of car maintenance
1. Do not like the tires in the wheel bolts and nuts oiled maintenance , a few private owners in order to prevent rust on the wheel bolts and nuts , ingenuity when installing the bolts and nuts are coated with oil , not knowing that this approach is not only wrong , but also to bring traffic safety a certain degree of risk. Tighten the bolts and nuts, mutual self-locking feature. And after greasing, self-locking coefficient between the two is smaller, self-locking performance. In the car at high speed, it is easy to lose bolts and nuts and even falls off, causing traffic accidents. view more»
Recommended new car practical maintenance method
Eliminate residues of harmful gases inside Window ventilation is a must, but it takes a long time. Also many car parts are plastic protection , some owners prefer to use without compromising situations try to keep the feeling of a new car and not to dismantle , in fact, these plastic packaging must be promptly removed, otherwise it is difficult to emit harmful gases inside out. view more»
How to do it yourself after rain removal odor
Quick Method removal the smell: sun For car smell is not serious , the experts recommended that owners can find a sunny day to drive to the hot sun, so that the air conditioning system in the heater block and then open to the maximum amount of wind, sun on the windows in the doors fully open state ten minutes. view more»
Experts teach you to reduce the tire puncture chance
In recent years, with the improvement of road traffic conditions, traffic speed car is significantly improved, especially on the highway, but high-speed car event of a puncture; it is likely to bring about a vicious car crash accident. Therefore, the driver should be targeted for preventive measures. view more»
Car maintenance beauty teach you how to remedy the car body rust
Corrosion often occur car body appearance, mainly due to the sheet metal after the metal grazing caused by direct contact with the outside world. In addition to the common cause of the collision, scratch, rust falling long-term parking, there is a situation that while driving, point the vehicle in front of small stones bouncing tire caused the collision, will appear one by one flaking paint dot generating little rust. This track is often overlooked male, usually to check the body, engine cover and the car around on a regular basis, if it is found necessary to immediately handle. view more»
Vehicle maintenance necessary knowledge
1, tank damaged vehicles in use, found that leak from the tank, you can rub the oil spill at clean with soap or bubble gum coated in oil at the temporary blockage; with epoxy adhesive patch, the better. view more»
High temperatures how to prevent drowsy driving
Into the summer, temperatures hot weather, when driving down the road is often easier to fall asleep. Then in addition to improving the environment outside the car, the owner should pay attention to their own regulation. view more»
Car maintenance is very important after the rain
Summer, rain always to give the city the temperature drop, people are a comfortable, cute car went through the wind and rain of the crime. The rain stopped, was doing maintenance to the car’s time, or else the car moldy, bright lights and other symptoms may not come to you in trouble. view more»
DIY check your car parts by yourself
DIY Self-Test One: Tire Summer temperatures rise, greatly increasing the tire bulge, and even a puncture possible. At this time, the tire maintains a good state, essential. Tire DIY self-test formulas are: "Reduce tire pressure, checks the wear." In general, tire pressure should be between 2.3 kpa to2.8 kap summer temperatures rise, run flat tire pressure should be appropriately reduced. view more»
Replace the car spark plug yourself
Automotive spark plug is our everyday consumables, but for the most common part car owners rarely care. As the core of a car engine, the spark plug performance has almost directly determined the performance of a car, so we recommend that you always check the car's spark plugs. view more»

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