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TOPDON ArtiLink AL300 OBD2 Code Reader Scanner Diagnostic Tool Free Lifetime Update

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TOPDON ArtiLink300, as a quick, affordable car code reader equipped with full OBD2 functions. It can switch off the engine indicator light, help pass the smog test, keep the engine at peak performance, etc., and gives you peace of mind to skip the costly workshop for repairing most engine faults.

1. Full OBD2 + Smog Check + Turn Off MIL + DTC Lookup

2. Multilingual Support: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian

3. Free Lifetime Update

TOPDON ArtiLink300 OBD2 Code Reader with Full OBD2 Functions, Read/Clear Codes to Turn off the Check Engine Light, Check I/M Readiness Status for Smog Test, Read VIN/Data Stream

Bullet Point:

● Pass Vehicle Inspections: Want to pass the vehicle inspection successfully? TOPDON AL300 enables you to do pre-inspections and save trips to the mechanic. Supporting all OBD2 protocols: KWP2000, ISO9141, J1850 VPW, J1850 PW, CAN (Controller Area Network), this OBD2 code reader works on most OBD2 compatible vehicles in 1996 and newer.

● Meet Customers’ Needs: Featuring full OBD2 functions, this OBD2 code reader maximally meet customers’ needs with 4 commonly-used functions. Read/clear codes to retrieve generic and manufacturer-specific codes, and turn off the Check Engine Light. Check I/M Readiness Status to check if the emission-related parts are ready for the inspection. Run O2 Sensor test to check the O2 sensors.

● Keep Cars Running Safely: Besides the above 4 vital functions, this code reader also offers various indispensable functions: On-board Monitor, Freeze Frame, EVAP Test, etc., to keep car running safely. Among them, Read Vehicle Info allows you to retrieve the VIN quickly. No need to look for this long and annoying number everywhere.

● Look up Trouble Codes: It’s hard for many people to know the exact meaning of a DTC, especially for the novices. This OBD2 scan tool saves you the trouble of looking for the definition on DTC Dictionary or Google by automatically showing the DTC and its explanation after reading codes. Moreover, like an electronic dictionary, DTC Lookup enables you to look up OBD2 trouble codes anytime.

● Buy Without Worries: This OBD2 code reader comes with a user manual, which not only helps you locate the vehicle’s DLC socket, but also guides you how to use this OBD2 scanner. For any problems or dissatisfaction, you can return the product or give us your feedback to help us continually improve it.


TOPDON is an emerging technology brand focused on developing innovative, high-performance products for automotive technicians, mechanics, and enthusiasts. We’re committed to consistently exceeding customers’ expectations and changing the way they think about technology.

TOPDON ArtiLink300 is a quick, affordable OBD2 code reader featuring all 10 modes of OBD2 test, DTC Lookup, plug-and-play function, and color display. This OBD2 scanner enables entry-level and DIY users to perform pre-inspections for smog tests, figure out the emission issues, and reset the Check Engine Light.


TOPDON ArtiLink300, an updated OBD2 code reader with various features, helps you diagnose vehicle issues such as misfire, sensor problems, overheating, engine issues, etc., locate the root causes, and even fix the problems.

1. [Full OBD2 Functions]

Reading Codes: Retrieves both generic (P0, P2, P3, and U0) and manufacturer specific (P1, P3, and U1) codes; shows the DTC and its detailed description simultaneously.

Erasing Codes: Erases the retrieved DTCs and other related data after certain maintenance or repairs to turn off Check Engine Light.

I/M Readiness Status: Observes the performance of car’s emission-related systems on the vehicle to check if they are ready for the inspection and maintenance testing.

Live Data: Displays live or real time PID data of vehicle’s computer modules to analyze or monitor the components running status.

Freeze Frame: Allows users to view the vehicle’s operating parameters when a fault code detected to quickly locate the malfunctions.

O2 Sensor Test: Checks the Oxygen content in the exhaust and makes adjustment for the best air-fuel ratio.

Vehicle Information: Reads and displays the vehicle information for users to have accurate vehicle diagnosis, including the VIN, CIDs, and CVNs.

On-Board Monitor Test: Retrieves test results for emission-related powertrain components and systems that are not continuously monitored to determine if the components or the monitors are fine.

EVAP System (mode$8): Initiates a leak test for the vehicle’s EVAP system.

2. [Additional Functions]

Wide Vehicle Coverage: Equipped with 16-pin connector, this OBD2 code reader is compatible with the following protocols: KWP2000, ISO9141, J1850 VPW, J1850 PW, CAN (Controller Area Network), which enable it to work on most OBD2 compatible vehicles in 1996 and newer.

DTC Lookup: Besides the capability of explaining DTCs of the tested car, you can also use this OBD2 scanner to search the definition of the DTC stored in the built-in DTC library.

Plug-and-play: Just plug this OBD2 code reader into the car and play. No need any batteries. The rest will be straightforward and intuitive.

Ergonomic Design: With elegant black, ergonomic design, and 4-button operation, this scan tool looks very nice and is easy to use.

A Long Cable: The code reader is equipped with a long connecting cable (about 41.34 in) to provide users with good using experience.

Colorful LCD Screen: This OBD2 scanner with 1.77” color LCD brings you better visual effect than black-and-white ones.

Multilingual Support: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian

No Need to Update: The OBD2 scanner is good enough for vehicle diagnosis and you don’t have to spend time updating it.

Warm Tips:

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or get technical support via email/Q&A, hotline on our official site, Facebook, or Twitter.


12-month warranty from the date of purchase for any possible quality problems.



Display: 1.77 in Color Display

Operating Voltage: 9~18V

Storage Temperature: -20°C ~70°C (-4°F ~158°F)

Working Temperature: 0°C ~50°C (32°F ~122°F)

Dimensions: 119 * 71.7 * 23.3 mm (4.68 * 2.82 * 0.91 in)

Length: 1050 mm (41.34 in)

Product Weight: 210g (0.46 lb)

Package Lists:

1 * ArtiLink 300 Code Reader

1 * Quick Start Guide

1 * User’s Manual

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TOPDON ArtiLink AL300 OBD2 Code Reader Scanner Diagnostic Tool Free Lifetime Update C11A009A03 TOPDON ArtiLink AL300 OBD2 Code Reader Scanner Diagnostic Tool Free Lifetime Update
$ 33.9900 In stock

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