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How to Use PayPal to Accept Credit Card Payments at

PayPal accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover.

 Dear Sir, When your payment is successful.


As shown, When Merchant Protection Eligibility of Payment information is Eligible. We will ship your item as soon as possible.

When Merchant Protection Eligibility of Payment information is Ineligible(More than $1,000), pls click here contact us.

We need confirm the payment, after confirm the payment is paid by yourself, we could ship item as soon as possible.  


As shown, Thanks for you support our business. Here I am sorry to tell you that your payment isn't verified by Paypal. Due to the large amount, we need to confirm your payment.

Hope you understand that there's a big risk for such payment, like your credit card was stolen by others.

We receive your money, but Payer Status: unverified and Merchant Protection Eligibility: Ineligible.

So our company need us confirm the payment is paid by yourself.

For this problem, we provide you follow solutions:

Solution 1:

Please send a copy or a picture of your Driving License, Credit Card Bank Statement to us, to prove this payment from Credit cardholder.

Solution 2:

You could sign up for a PayPal account and finish the certification process, then replace a new order to purchase, before you do this, we will full refund to your for your last order.

You could follow the step from the link:

 According to our experience, I recommend you choose Solution 2.



1. Add the product shopping cart, click the shopping cart to make payments.


2. Into the order information, select the Shipping address.
IMPORTANT: Your Billing Address & Shipping Address need to same with your Credit Card's name and address.


3. Select the appropriate way of Shipping.


4. Select the Paypal Payment.


5. Click the Place Order button to jump to Paypal website.


6. If you do not have paypal account, directly enter the credit card information, make payments.
Strongly advise you to Register a Paypal account firstly and get verified,then pay your order by Paypal account.


7. If you already have paypal account, you need to bind your credit card information and then make payments.

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